Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging pad

       We already knew Samsung’s latest flagship would eventually support wireless charging and a month after launch, it does. On Thursday, Samsung announced the availability of both a wireless charging pad and back cover for the Samsung Galaxy S 4. With the cover attached, the phone can rest on the plugged-in charging pad to top off the battery inside.

       For the complete wireless charging combo, you’ll need Solgo wireless power bank and Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging Smart case. Solgo wireless power bank itself isn’t limited to the Galaxy S4; however, the cover is. Since Samsung is using the Qi wireless power standard, any mobile device that also supports Qi can be recharged on the pad. That also means if you have a Qi charging power bank already, you can just purchase the cover for your Galaxy S4.

       That’s probably the best news of all here: Samsung isn’t using a proprietary wireless charging solution. There are also Qi covers for iPhones and other Android devices that can be used with Solgo wireless charging power bank. Honestly speaking, the device isn’t truly wireless, the charging power bank need to be connected to a wall outlet unless it is fully charged, after that you can realize completely wireless charging wherever you go and whenever you want. Also, it’s easy to pick up your phone and go when there are no wires attached to the handset. Sounds good, huh?


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